22 April 2015

Photographer Captures Intimate Moments Between Lesbian Couple And Their Children

For her project ‘Between The Blocks’, Warsaw-based photographer Anna Liminowicz documented the lives of Honorata and Agnieszka, a lesbian couple residing in Poland with their two children.

Prior to their partnership, Honorata lived as a single mother with daughter Natalie, who is now fourteen years old, and Agnieszka lived as a divorced mother with son Antek.

The couple enjoys filling the house with love and laughter, and is known through their community for their generosity.

Agnieszka’s parents, however, found it difficult to accept their daughter’s sexuality and do not like to discuss this topic.

The couple gave Liminowicz permission to publish their images in this Polish newspaper in hopes of showing others how much happiness their relationship has brought to the family.

While the couple longs for acceptance and desires to have a child together one day, homosexuality remains a sensitive topic in Poland.

You can view some of the images from this collection below and find out more about their story here:

[via Feature Shoot, images via Anna Liminowicz]