20 April 2015

Police Officer Returns Woman’s Phone By Posting Funny Photos To Her Facebook

How would you return a lost phone to its owner?

For a police officer in Australia, he decided to creatively reach out to that individual from her Facebook account, drawing laughs and praises from people who have seen the post.

He realized that the phone belonged to a woman named Bella Crooke, who also did not have any passcode protection on her smartphone.

So he posted a selfie to her Facebook account, accompanied with a caption that reads: “You should probably put a password on your phone. When you are ready to pick it up, it will be at Albury police station. :)”

Crooke’s friends responded positively to the post, which was subsequently followed by the above photo of a phone locked in a cell with a pun-filled caption: “If you’re worried about the battery going flat, don’t. By the time you pick it up, it will be fully ‘charged’. It is a great ‘cell’ phone.”

The police officer also assured Crooke: “The phone is still here. Ready to be released early for good behavior. Just waiting for Bella to post bail.”

Crooke was shortly reunited with her phone and the whole encounter went viral across the web over the weekend.

Check out the humorous post here.

[via PetaPixel, images via Bella Crooke]