20 April 2015

Shocking Ads Show The Extreme Methods Women Use To Self-Induce Abortion

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Warning: this post contains content that some readers might find disturbing. Do not read further if you are faint of heart.

Grey Chile and non-profit organization Miles Corporation have unveiled a series of shocking ads that show how far Chilean women will go to self-induce abortion.

The tutorial-style ads feature women demonstrating extreme methods like colliding with a fire hydrant, falling down a flight of stairs, and stepping in front of a car.

Abortion is outlawed in the South American country, resulting in thousands of women performing illegal therapeutic abortions. It is estimated that there are over 150,000 such cases a year, with many women dying in the process.

The ads were created for a campaign to raise awareness of this issue, and to persuade the Chilean government to approve the Therapeutic Abortion Bill, which was passed in parliament last February by President Michelle Bachelet.

Watch the ads below and find out more about the campaign here.

[via LBBOnline, videos via MILES Chile]