16 April 2015

Powerful Ads Highlight The Devastating Effects Of Loneliness On Elderly People

Ad agency JWT London and charity Age UK have unveiled powerful ads that highlight the devastating effects of loneliness on the elderly.

Referencing Facebook’s latestFriendscampaign, the sobering ads feature solitary elderly people with the words “No Friends” in large text laid over their faces.

According to Age UK, one million older people in the UK go one month or more at a time without seeing anyone.

“At Age UK we know how devastating loneliness can be for older people. Being lonely not only makes life miserable, it is also really bad for our health, making us more vulnerable to illness and disease,” said Marianne Hewitt, Head of Brand at Age UK.

“It’s time we took loneliness seriously as a threat to a happy and healthy later life. We need to do more to support older people to stay socially connected: this is a big part of our job at Age UK and everyone can help by being a good friend or neighbor to the older people they know,” she added.

To raise awareness of this issue, Age UK is inviting people to text to donate £3, with proceeds going towards providing support for elderly people in need of companionship and advice.

View the rest of the ads below.

[via Creative Review]