3 April 2015

Real Life Infographics That Brilliantly Visualize Data Using Physical Objects

There's Always Room for Pie

Here’s a look at other infographics that brilliantly displays data using physical objects, a technique that can simplify information, making it more accessible.

This list is collated by Freeyork and it features 21 real life infographics, including one which fuses data visualization with graffiti, which we previously featured.

The list includes a pie chart made from actual thanksgiving pies, information about water usage and fast food visualized with handmade paper objects and stacks of sugar cubes depicting the amount of sugar in food and drinks, among others.

Head over to Freeyork to view the full list.

Sugar Stacks

100 Years Of World Cuisine by Clara Kayser-Bril, Nicolas Kayser-Bril and Marion Kotlarski

Lunar Tides by Daniel Comite

Fish Pharm by Oliver Uberti

Water Usage and Fast Food by Matteo Giuseppe Pani

[via Freeyork]