2 April 2015

Restaurant Serves Up Delicious Gourmet Food Made From Unwanted Food Scraps

Fried skate wing cartilage

WastED is a temporary pop-up by Blue Hill restaurant in Greenwich Village serves up delicious food prepared from the scraps that people usually toss away.

Its menu features interesting dishes like ‘Skate wing cartilage’, where bones of a fish are deep fried like fries, served with a mayonnaise sauce made from smoked fish heads.

There is also ‘The Juice Pulp Burger’, made up of cold-pressed vegetable pulp, buns from bread ends and crumbs, served with ketchup sauce from bruised beets, and the “Dog Food”, which is a meatloaf made from an old dairy cow past its prime age.

Chef Dan Barber of the restaurant has hosted up to 20 guest, including Cronut creator Dominique Ansel, and has worked with various farms and operations in the food chain, hoping to change the perspective of food “waste”.

Head over here to read the interview with Chef Dan.

Would you like to eat these unusual dishes?

Juice pulp burger

Dominque Ansel’s panna cotta

Hearts and cores

[via Fast Co. Design, WastED]