20 April 2015

‘The New York Times’ Creates A Field Guide To The American Sandwich

Image: matt kwok

To celebrate the humble sandwich, The New York Times has come up with a "taxonomy" of the various types of American sandwiches.

According to this field guide, there are five families of American sandwiches. The first four are differentiated by the types of bread they are made with—Kaiser or "hard" rolls, soft buns, long hero or sub rolls and sliced bread. The last category is for the sandwiches that fall outside the categories above but are still vital to the list. These include the Torto and the Cubano.

Apart from the classic sandwiches like the Sloppy Joe or a Po' Boy, the extensive list also includes other sandwiches that you might not have heard of. For instance, the Mother-in-Law is a cornmeal tamale on a hot dog bun covered in chili, which is only found in Chicago.

Head over to this site to see the detailed list.

[via The New York Times]