20 April 2015

Holding A Transparent Instagram Page In Your Hand Is The New Internet Trend

“Insta in my Hand” is the latest trend on social media platforms in Japan and South Korea, where users are seen sharing photos of them holding a transparent version of their Instagram and Twitter homepage—you can also try this out with images of other websites.

The trend started when a member of K-Pop group SHINee, Key posted his picture on his Instagram account—the transparent shots are are really easy to create using the ‘PicsArt Photo Studio’ app, available on Google Play and iOS.

Simply download the photo editing app which allows you to synthesize images together—then take a photo of your hand making it look as if it is holding a phone, and add in the snapshot of a homepage of your choice.

Head over here to view the step-by-step instructions.

Image via @bumkeyk

[via RocketNews24]