23 April 2015

This Emotional Ad Of A Son Moving Out Has An Amusing Twist

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An emotional sweet short of a son moving out of his parents’ house takes an amusing turn in the following ad by adam&eveDDB.

Promoting Hertz’s vehicle rental service that does its job so well that “you can take everything”, individuals can also have a little fun with the commercial.

Adam&eveDDB’s creative director Steve Wioland said, “There are a few things missing [from the house] that you may not notice on the first viewing.”

He also spoke to Adweek of the concept, “Yes it is a departure—deliberately so. We had a limited budget, so we had to do something to cut through. The team came up with a lovely insight: Stealing from parents is something many students are guilty of. We thought it was really funny.”

Check out the ad below:

[via Adweek, images via Hertz UK]