20 April 2015

This Luxury Food Truck Is A Fully Functioning Restaurant On Wheels, Seats 30

To celebrate the convergence of car and food, the company's global design studio, Peugeot Design Lab, has created a luxury food truck that is like a restaurant for the road.

Designed for urban environments, the food truck is compact enough to drive down busy streets and can be opened up into a restaurant-like space. When the truck is parked with its 'wings' opened up, it doubles in width, creating new spaces for food preparation, dining, refreshments and a DJ booth.

Unlike standard food trucks, which sell take-away food, this wandering restaurant called ‘Le Bistro du Lion’ can accommodate up to 30 diners with standing tables and parasols that can be stashed away after use. The kitchen is fully equipped with two grilling plates, four induction burners and a deep fryer.

The first chef to work in the kitchen is French chef Sven Chartier of Parisian restaurant Saturne.

Since its unveiling in Paris, the Peugeot food truck will be set up in Italy for Milan Design Week, before spending six months at the 2015 World's Fair Expo Milano.

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