15 April 2015

Woman Asks Make-Up Artists To Give Her A ‘Natural Look’, Shares Experience

Iona St Joseph with no make-up on

BuzzFeed contributor Iona St Joseph recently conducted an experiment where she asked eight make-up artists to give her a natural makeover.

Sharing her experience in a BuzzFeed article, St Joseph said she went to eight different make-up counters to find out each beauty brand’s definition of a “natural look”.

Out of all the brands she tried, Bobbi Brown came the closest to her own make-up-free look, while the products from Urban Decay felt the heaviest on her skin.

The experiment made St Joseph more confident about trying on different types of make-up, and also revealed how each brand interpreted the “natural look”.

Read her full article here. What do you think of her experiment?

“Natural look”

With Bobbi Brown

With Urban Decay

With MAC

[via BuzzFeed, images by Przemyslaw Stradczuk for BuzzFeed]