9 April 2015

Woman Lets Boyfriend Dress Her Up For An Entire Week To Surprising Results

Would you let your other half dress you up for an entire week?

Writer Kelsey Lawrence did just that.

Giving up the reins of sartorial choices to her boyfriend Luke, the experiment only had one condition—he had to dress her according to what he found her most attractive in.

The trial garnered for her more hits than misses, and gave her insights to Luke’s opinions of female fashion—“I was pleasantly surprised that he was (perhaps unwittingly) playing around with colors and prints.”

She also wrote: “I am simultaneously flattered and also now uncertain of anything I’ve worn ever. The outfits I’ve worn the past two days have garnered more compliments than any look I’ve put together for the last month.”

Lawrence concluded the experience to be “more freeing than terrifying.”

She wrote: “I’m happy to be dressing myself again. But this week? I’m breaking out my dumbest, most fun stuff because sometimes how I see myself is a little bit harsher, a little more in stark relief, than how the rest of the world sees me.”

Check out the fun experiment in its entirety here.

[via Kelsey Lawrence]