13 April 2015

You Can Discover Apps And Spy On Others' Phones With This New Tool

Instead of looking over the shoulders of others, this app allows you to explore the homescreens of others. Created by Betaworks, the iOS app called ‘#Homescreen’ allowers users to browse through an endless sea of iPhone screens.

Voyeurism and exhibitionism is only a part of the appeal. The app is a powerful tool for discovering new apps. By tapping on any screen you like in ‘#Homescreen’, users are given a list of apps on that phone, and users are taken directly to App Store if they click any of the apps in the list.

Although there are existing methods by Apple and Facebook that help users sift through and recommend apps, ‘#Homescreen’ feels more intimate, almost like you have a glimpse in the digital lives of others.

Head over here to read more and download the app.

[via Fast Company, #Homescreen]