27 June 2013

24/7 Digital Key Storage Service Ensures You Never Get Locked Out Of Your House

Ever found yourself locked outside your apartment in the middle of the night?

KeyMe, a new service just launched in New York, has found a simple and affordable solution, by storing digital copies of your keys in the cloud, and making them available 24/7 through kiosks around New York.

As a sercurity feature, KeyMe uses fingerprint authentication for authorization to an account. KeyMe also does not ask for your address or any information that could link a key with a location.

The KeyMe kiosk is also able to duplicate a key on-the-spot—$3.50 for a basic brass key or $6 for novelty keys like the bottle-opener-key.

Printing a key from a digital copy would cost $20.

There are currently five kiosks, located in 7-11 stores, open in New York.

[via Gizmodo and KeyMe]