29 June 2013

Artist Makes Physical Recreation Of Card Deck From Classic 'Solitaire.exe'

Paris-based artist Evan Roth has created a set of linen cards that will remind us of the classic Solitaire.exe game on a Windows 98 computer.

The work is aptly named ‘Solitaire.exe’ and is a set of linen cards. According to Roth, “Solitaire.exe is a physical pixel-for-pixel recreation of the popular computer card game included in the Windows 98 operating system.”

The playing cards were originally created exclusively for The Cooper Hewitt. They take the design of the original Microsoft Solitaire card faces designed by Susan Kare for Windows 3.0 in 1990, with the beach scene card back designed by Leslie Kooy and developed by Wes Cherry.

[via Holiday Matinee]