28 June 2013

Adorable Bunny Hotel 'Ambassadors' Help Find The Softest Spot In The Room

Despite the fact that all the attention cats get these days are warranted and absolutely justified, it's always nice to acknowledge other adorable animals on this planet.

In this ad by BETC London for Ibis Hotels, bunnies prove to be the motivating 'cute factor' in the spot.

Filmed over a period of two days, the ad involved 30 hopping, fluffy bunnies which were allowed to roam freely in a penthouse-floor hotel room.

The spot shows the bunnies exploring pretty much every nook and cranny before collectively deciding that the middle of the soft, comfy bed was most apt for resting.

When queried about the ad, executive creative director of BETC London, Neil Dawson, stated that they "really wanted to highlight the ultimate comfort of the Sweet Bed by Ibis." He pointed out that bunnies were the perfect 'ambassadors' because they "snuggle up to each other and [are known to] find cosy places to sleep."

Check out the adorable ad and to see if the bunnies make you feel like snuggling with them, too:

[via Ad Week, images via BETC London and Ibis Hotels]