30 June 2013

A Traditional School For Gladiators In Training

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History geeks can now experience what it was like to be a gladiator in ancient Rome.

The Scuola Gladiatori Roma provides training for wannabe-gladiators, ranging from their “Gladiator For A Day” experience to their more extensive courses which can last up to months or even years.

In the “Gladiator For A Day” crash course, students first undergo a physical fitness test which ensures that they have the speed, strength, co-ordination and agility to be a real gladiator, before moving on to choosing their weapons.

After this, students are suited up with historically accurate armour and weapons, and heading to the training grounds straightaway.

The crash course ends after they face their trainer in the battlefield.

However, those who are more hardcore sign up for the full experience, which costs €25 for the first four months and €5 each month after.

Graduates from gladiator school get their diploma, or “Doctore” after they manage to beat their teacher.

With its rigorous training, this gladiator school is definitely a school of hard knocks.

Scroll down for a sneak preview of what it’s like in gladiator school.

[via Oddity Central]