30 June 2013

Infographic: Top 'Travel Nightmares' No One Wants To Encounter

Who would have guessed that over "26 million bags" go missing each year? Or that an approximate 200 mobile phones go missing each and every day?

The following infographic highlights some of the most tiresome and worrying travel 'disasters' that could happen to anyone on a journey.

Moreover, if time is of the essence in your travels, some data about the airports with some of the highest percentages of flights delayed in the US are as follows:

Newark, NJ (EWR)—23.83%

San Francisco (SFO)—21.78%

Chicago Midway (MDW)—20.1%

Miami (MIA)—19.35%

Houston, TX (IAH)—19.29%

While it might be impossible to fly through other states to get to your destination, perhaps this information can help you provide yourself with more buffer time.

Finally, another useful list on this infographic would be the list of 'Five largest cities exposed to natural disasters.' These include: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kolkata, India; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Mexico City and Tokyo, Japan.

Have a look at the full image below:

Click to view a larger version

Click to view a larger version

[via Visual.ly, images via Hotspotshield.com]