26 June 2013

Vintage Apple Computer Expected To Sell For US$500,000

Christie’s is auctioning off one of the few functioning Apple-1 computers with a starting price of US$300,000.

Debuted in 1976, this model was built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a garage and was sold for US$666—the screen, keyboard and case were sold separately.

Its soon-to-be former owner, Ted Perry, said that he got the model after giving its first owner some computer equipment.

Perry then approached Wozniak for its internal code so that he could use the computer to teach his students.

This iconic model was part of the “computer revolution”, and is now a piece of tech history.

With only 30-50 models remaining, this model is an especially rare find as most of the original 200 were discarded or have gone missing.

[via CBS San Francisco, Telegraph]