28 June 2013

A Website That Helps Everyone Craft Essays Like A Super Genius

School might be a lifetime away for most of us—never the less the paper work continues to persist.

The Essay Typer is an intriguing, dream-almost-come-true, webpage. Designed for the essay-laden student with no time to do the assignment, the site offers users a chance to generate a generic essay, "immediately."

All one has to do is to type in the subject title in on the dotted line and an essay template will appear on screen right before your eyes—title included.

For example, type in "American Civil War" and you'll get the essay template and the following title generated on your behalf: "Truly War? The Modern American Civil War : A Normative Critique." Type in, "Creativity" and you'll get, "Innovative or Simply Post-Modern? New Paradigms in the Study of "Creativity".

When you begin 'typing' the essay, you'll find that you type faster and that you don't even need to think to generate the words. Everything just flows naturally from your finger tips.

While this creation is nifty and cute, it cautions that it's 'just for fun' and that none of the essays it generates are things you can actually use, because they are powered and worded by direct sourcing from Wikipedia—thereby implying that it's plagiarism.

Have a go at the Essay Typer, here, and take a look at how it looks like, below:

[via Essay Typer]