28 June 2013

Redesigned Highway Maps Using Subway Maps As Inspiration

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Click to view full image

Designer Peter Dunn has redesigned the map of the Greater Los Angeles Freeway System using design cues from a subway map.

Dunn believes that highway maps contain too much extraneous information, like “boulevards, local streets and places of interest”, at the expense of obscuring useful information like the location of interchanges and exits.

Dunn’s beautiful redesign strips away the non-essential information, and is built on geometric rules instead of “geographic accuracy”, showing little more than “basic directional cues”.

His map also uses color to differentiate routes, easily showing the user “where to enter, which direction to travel, how to connect to a different route, and where to exit”.

Dunn’s main motivation in his design was to translate the complex freeway system into an easy to understand map while also creating a “visually appealing view of Los Angeles’s most prominent transportation feature”.

His map is not meant to “give you door-to-door driving directions across town”, however, it “should do better than any comparably scaled map at getting you from on ramp to off ramp”.

Visit Dunn’s website to learn more about how he designed the map or head to the project’s Kickstarter if you’d like a print of the map.

[via Peter Dunn]