28 June 2013

A Desk With A Built-In Manual Printing Press

Graphic designer Peter Chadwick, together with Chelsea College of Arts graduate Jonny Holmes, designed a desk with a built-in manual printing press.

Called ‘Desktop Publishing’, it can print up to four colors at a time and it also features interchangeable plates—allowing it to print a combination of different designs.

“The phrase ‘desktop publishing’ was often used when I took my first steps into the design industry in the early nineties, and conjures up images of poorly designed, mass-produced print literature,” explained Chadwick. “The table provides an antidote to this, delivering well-crafted, bespoke hand-printed posters.”

“The original idea was for a one-off concept piece, but I see the potential in mass production—it could be used as an education tool in schools and colleges or even as furniture in the home,” Chadwick added.

[via Popular UK and Creative Review]