28 June 2013

Mozilla Unveils New Simplified Firefox Logo

Mozilla has rolled out a new logo for Firefox.

The 2013 edition of its logo is not much different compared to its 2009-2013 logo—however, Mozilla designer Sean Martell backs this up by saying that it’s “not a logo redesign, but a simplification in form and function.”

The revised logo has been made simpler, in terms of details and color to accommodate high-resolution screens.

“It’s been optimized to be crisper and cleaner on small screens and lower resolution devices,” Mozilla developer John Slater said in a blog post.

In a six-step breakdown, Martell pointed out the changes in the logo:

Details using blend-mode layering, mostly found in the tail area, were rid of. The logo was reduced to its shape-tweaked forms and softer gradientsContinents on the globe were recreated Glossiness of the logo was removed to create a softer, deeper color of the globe The fox’s fur was given lighter oranges in softer detail The arm of the fox extends to from a shoulder instead of from behind his chest

What do you think of Firefox’s new logo?

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version

[via InternetNews. and Sean Martell]