28 June 2013

‘Mad Men’ Reimagined As ‘The O.C.’

Mad Men has, sadly, come to its season's close. While we can't create new episodes, we do have the opportunity to tell you about Vulture's very apt homage to the show that made us all have a little more faith in television.

Cleverly pin-pointing that the last episode of the season revolved around how each person's life would change in relation to sunny Cali, the folks over at Vulture took the liberty to show Mad Men some Californian lovin' by fusing the show's opening credits in the style of the (once celebrated) soap opera, The O.C.

If you've forgotten about The O.C., here's a quick refresher:

"California… here we come…

Right back where we started from…

Californiaaaaaa…. here we come…..


Ring some bells? We promise that you'll be humming in tune with Mad Men's cast, in the video below:

[via Vulture and Flavorwire.com]