28 June 2013

In NYC: Homeless People Get A Chance To Create 'Hot' Bodies

"That's right, elbows in!

Everything, SUPER tight!

Steven, great work!

At this point your heart rate should be elevated!

This is all about core tightness.

You guys want b*tchin' definition?!"

The wealthy and those that can afford are known to be the only ones that can attend the best gyms and yoga classes in town, thereby giving them access to maintaining the best abs, biceps and toned legs.

But who says homeless folks shouldn't get the chance to look good as well?

In this mock 'SoulCycle' class organized by a man—who goes by the monicker 'the Fat Jew'—homeless people gather and sit on parked rental Citibikes bikes, listening to the Fat Jew as he tells them how they can work out effectively by pedaling backwards.

In essence, Fabrizio Goldstein (the Fat Jew's real name) whittles down exorbitantly priced fitness lessons right down to the basics, so that more people can 'afford' them.

This clip serves to make fun of just how ridiculously priced a SoulCycle class is in NYC, and how such 'fitness' in general only caters to a certain demographic.

It also goes to show that there are homeless people who don't mind getting fit, so long as they had the access to it.

What do you think about this concept / campaign?

[via Flavorwire, images via Fabrizio Goldstein]