9 April 2015

This Ad Featuring Women Talking About Their ‘First Time’ Has A Twist

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Lingerie brand Dear Kate recently filmed women talking about their first time, but this is not what you think it is.

Directed by Mary Harron of Process, the three-minute ad features various women recounting the experience of having their period for the first time—the anecdotes range from funny (“How did melted candy get into my underwear?”) to terrifying (“Oh sh*t, this is where I’m going to die”).

According to Julie Sygiel, Dear Kate founder, the objective was to remove the stigma around menstruation. “We want to make sure it’s not embarrassing or shameful to experience or to talk about. That’s the main goal with this film.”

Watch the video below. Do you relate to any of their stories?

[via Adweek, video via Dear Kate]