27 April 2015

Dove’s Touching Ad Features Blind Women Explaining What Beauty Means To Them

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Dove’s latest ad is a touching spot revolving around three visually impaired women explaining what beauty means to them.

Created with Stockholm-based agency Edelman Deportivo, the ad titled ‘Blind Beauty’ features Anna, Ida and Naomi talking about self-image and giving their definition of beauty.

According to TNS Sifo, a quarter of Swedish women rarely or never describe themselves as beautiful, and only 2% think that they are beautiful all the time.

Thought-provoking and understated, it makes you reflect on the true meaning of beauty and sends a message to women to love themselves for who they are.

Dove previously asked women to “choose beautiful” and showed us how they really feel about their bodies.

Watch the ad below.

[via Fast Company, video via Dove Sverige]