27 April 2015

Graffiti Artist Turns Scaffolding Into A ‘Home’ That He Can Live And Work In

Considering that he already spends a lot of time on scaffoldings when painting buildings’ walls, it is not all that surprising that graffiti artist Fra.Biancoshock has transformed a scaffolding into a “real home” that he can live and work in.

Titled ‘24/7’, this is actually an installation that he has made for Memorie Urbane 2015 in Gaeta, Italy—as part if this supposed “artist residency”, he actually spent entire days on the multi-story platform structure—the “building” consists of a painting studio not the second floor, a kitchen on the third, a bedroom on the fourth, and even a “rooftop terrace” for sun-bathing.

View more images of this intriguing installation below—do you think you would be able to survive on a scaffolding for days, rain or shine?

[via Street Art News, images by Flavia Fiengo via Memorie Urbane’s Facebook page]