21 April 2015

Funny, Relatable Emojis That Every 30-Something Needs

The ‘Friday Night’ Emoji—Suggested use: When your coworkers want to know what your big weekend plans are.

Perhaps you’re on the cusp of a new phase in your life marked by Netflix Fridays and a newfound appreciation for a healthy diet and lifestyle—welcome to your 30s!

The BuzzFeed team understands these feelings all too well, such that they came up with ‘19 Emojis All Thirty-Somethings Wish Existed’.

Check out some of these relatable emojis below and head on over here for the rest.

The ‘Back Pain!’ Emoji—Suggested use: When you finally come to terms with the fact that your body is falling apart.

The ‘Am I Too Old To Wear This?’ Emoji—Suggested use: When you’re out shopping and you realize everyone else in the store is 10 years younger than you.

The ‘I Literally Have No Time For Anything But Work’ Emoji—Suggested use: When your friends repeatedly text you to meet up for lunch and you don’t even have time to explain to them why you can’t.

The ‘I Shouldn’t Have Eaten That’ Emoji—Suggested use: When you regret eating that second slice of pizza, or that extra piece of orange chicken, or anything greasy, fried, spicy…

The ‘Oh God, I Got My First Grey Hair!’ Emoji—Suggested use: When you want to announce that your transition into becoming an old person has officially started.

The ‘Definitely Not Waiting In That Line’ Emoji—Suggested use: When your friends invite you out to the latest club opening and you ask them how long the wait is.

The ‘My Doctor Says I Need To Start Eating Better’ Emoji—Suggested use: For when your heart says pizza, but your brain says kale.

[via BuzzFeed]