6 April 2015

Japanese Artist Makes Food-Themed Accessories That Look Good Enough To Eat

In Japan, fake food is not just a menu enhancer or plastic decoration, it is an artform. Japanese artist Norihito Hatanaka is taking it a step further by transforming this highly realistic fake food into wearable accessories.

Working in his father's business creating industrial art food models, Hatanaka fused his dreams of becoming a painter with the expertise learnt from many years in the business to create these realistic fake food accessories. He draws much of his inspiration from daily life and popular foods—bacon, curry rice or beef bowls.

The production process starts off with dipping real food into silicone to create a mold. Liquid plastic is poured into the nold and heated. The food replica is then painted by hand or airbrush and attached to the jewelry parts once they are ready.

The aesthetic quality of his fake food creations show his sharp attention to detail. He hopes to hold an exhibition to draw more attention to his handcrafted works. Head over to his website to see more.

[via Munchies, images via fake food HATANAKA]