15 April 2015

Redesigned Logo Concepts Of Hillary Clinton’s New Campaign Logo

Redesign by Sawarahh via Imgur, “adding the white border and rounded shapes just gives it much more of a modern and energetic feel”.

Since the launch of the new logo and brand identity of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, designers have been expressing their opinion and coming up with new design ideas to make it better.

CreativeBloq has searched the web to put together a list of five redesigns of the campaign logo.

While some of these designers have incorporated elements to soften the static geometric look of the original logo, others gave it a colorful makeover.

Do you like these redesigned logos better than the original?

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Redesigned by monkeysniffer08, “has been getting a lot of love for this redesign”.

Redesigned by Nio Subaran, “After seeing the logo they used for [Hillary's] campaign I needed to make an attempt to re-design the logo, just to test out possibilities”.

Hillary Clinton’s original logo

[via CreativeBloq]