30 August 2012

A Cooking Simulator That Helps Inspiring Chefs Become Better Cooks

Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed an augmented reality cooking simulator that will help inspiring chefs become better cooks in the kitchen.

The simulator features a ‘force feedback’ fry pan and spatula that accurately recreates the sense of cooking in the kitchen.

By using a 3D interface, virtual ingredients are projected on the fry pan, which users can move and stir—causing the food to change color based on ‘heat’ calculated by the simulator.

The simulator even mimics the weight of the ingredients, allowing users to get a feel for cooking without using any actual ingredients.

According to the researches, the technology combines a ‘rigid-body physics engine library and a heat conduction simulator’ that is able to calculate the amount of moisture being evaporated and the temperature when cooking.

It shows the meat turning color from red to brown and the vegetables turning dark as they are cooked—simulating cooking in real life.

“We’d like to develop this system further, so it’s helpful in actual cooking at home. It could help you make the meat you’re cooking taste even better.”

“If it could be linked to a system that tells you, “In five minutes, your food will look like this, and in ten minutes, it will look like this. Which would you prefer?”, so this system could really help with cooking.”

[via Diginfo TV]