24 August 2012

‘Oxford Dictionaries Online’ Adds 27 New Words: ‘Lolz’, ‘Ridic’

In a move that takes after Merriam-Webster, Oxford has added some new, modern words to its online dictionary.

The terms have made their way into common usage, according to the research team, hence “their inclusion in the quarterly update of new words and meanings”, OxfordWords blog writes.

From “mwahahaha” to “photobomb”, the 26 words are inspired or influenced by contemporary culture, technology and social media—that continue to shape the language evolution.

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Check out the list of words:

date night dirty martini douche DW ethical hacker genius group hug guilty pleasure hackathon hat tip hosepipe ban inbox lifecasting lolz micropig mwahahaha OH photobomb ridic ripped soul patch tweeps UX vajazzlevideo chat vote someone/thing off the island Wikipedian

[via Oxford Dictionaries]