31 August 2012

Artist Uses Pasta To Make Mini Vehicle Sculptures, The New Dinner Garnish?

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To most people, pasta means dinner. However, for Russia-based artist Sergei Pakhomov pasta is his passion—he makes miniature sculptures of vehicles using the food.

For his craft, Pakhomov uses variations of pasta, from spaghetti to lasagne and rigatoni.

Each model takes him 20 to 30 hours to build—thus far, he has a collection of over 30 miniature pasta models that range from cars to helicopters.

All models are kept at home, and stored at a certain temperature and humidity so that they would last.

What’s now a passion to Pakhomov started six years ago, when he was working for a PR company and was asked to create various things out of macaroni—but the advertising campaign was canceled.

Whether or not he’d cook the pasta models to serve as dinner for his guests, remains unsaid.

[via Viola.bz and Perm.aif.ru]