29 August 2012

Pedal Less With This ‘Running’ Concept Bicycle

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Remember how ‘The Flintstones’ would use their feet to drive their vehicles in the cartoons?

This ‘stone-age’ concept has been applied on the ‘FLIZ’—a bicycle concept that replaces pedaling with running—just like the cartoon.

Designed by German designers, a rider must strap his or her body into a harness, which hangs from the bicycle frame.

Instead of pedaling, the rider has to run to move the bike forward—only resting his or her feet on special posts near the back wheel when enough momentum has been achieved.

According to the FLIZ designers, they said that the laminated, carbon-fiber frame and ‘five-point belt system’ actually makes the FLIZ more comfortable and ergonomically sound to ride as compared to traditional bicycles.

“These aspects reduce pressure on the crotch and distributes the body weight while running”, they explain.

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[via FLIZ]