30 August 2012

Travelling Bar On A Bicycle, For Cocktails On Wheels

London-based Edward Godden and Joseph Lewis created a startup that goes to you when you need a drink—if it’s not yet Friday.

Called The Travelling Gin Co., Godden and Lewis have ‘bars’ on bicycles equipped with everything needed to make drinks—limes, mixers, spice, and a selection of gins—and they travel around on their bicycles, and make and sell cocktails.

The idea environmentally friendly, as their mobile operation is emissions-free and does not require power.

“It’s easy for us to park up and serve in the most remote outdoor places for parties,” Godden said.

The cofounders got the idea when they made a cycling trip from London to Amsterdam.

According to Godden, Lewis attached a spirit optic to the front of the frame of a bicycle for the journey. When they stopped, he served drinks—and that’s how the idea started.

With the feasibility of being on bicycles, the duo have served at various events and locations—such as music festivals, weddings, store openings, street markets, hotels and pop up stores.

[via The Travelling Gin Co.]