31 August 2012

Unseen Photographs Of Steve Jobs By Norman Seeff

Renowned photographer Norman Seeff has released a series of unseen photographs featuring a young Steve Jobs and the early Apple crew from the 1980s.

Published in Retronaut, Jobs can be seen in uncharacteristically lax positions, drinking beer and of course, wearing his trademark black turtleneck.

One of the images featured is a picture of Jobs in the lotus position with a Mac on his lap, which has made the cover of TIME magazine.

Seeff is currently selling the iconic ‘lotus’ image as a lithograph on his website for USD$75.

Besides the images, Seeff also offers his personal account of the photo shoot—revealing interesting details about Jobs.

The following statement was taken from Retronaut: “I was aware of the character flaws that people have described about Steve. For me however, my interaction with him revealed none of these views, although I don’t doubt the anecdotal stories about his impatience and qualities of dictatorial control. What I did discover, and this is true with other artists, that once they trust you, that level of control tends to fall away.”

Check out some of these unseen photographs of Steven Jobs below:

[via Retronaut]