23 August 2012

New York City’s Taxi To Use Only ‘T’ As Logo

The New York Times has reported that the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) has eliminated the word “taxi” in favor of a logo with a bold yellow T in a black circle.

The new logo was created as part of the Nissan’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ prototype by the firm Smart Design.

“We have no doubt that a yellow car with a roof light with a big T will be understood as a New York City taxicab,” David S Yassky, chairman of New York’s TLC, told The New York Times. “Even the greenest of greenhorns will know that it’s a taxicab.”

When Smart Design proposed the large T without the “axi”, five years ago, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority was intending to run a T train that will have a teal color scheme on Second Avenue.

However, Yassky says that T in a circle will be understood to mean “taxi”.

“Nobody will confuse a yellow car with a 75-foot-long train car that runs underground,” he said. “And we like the echo that ties taxis to the rest of the transportation system.”

The fare panel on the passenger door was also axed away, as it was “a cluttered vestige of earlier days”, Yassky said.

Instead, the information would be on the video screen inside the cab.

What do you think of ‘T’ for “taxi”?

[via New York Times]