27 August 2012

San Francisco Coffee Shop Bans Hipster Topics And The Use Of Instagram

San Francisco coffee shop Four Barrel has laid the law down on hipsters patronizing their outdoor coffee outlet, Alley Barrel, in order to keep things peaceful between them and their neighbors.

The coffee shop will no longer tolerate littering, dirty dishes left outside and rowdy customers at their premises—rules that most coffee shops would enforce.

However, they also prohibit customers from talking about “annoying hipster topics like who they f###ked last night”.

When hipsters protested by sharing the poster on Instagram—the coffee shop had to step in by introducing a new rule: “No posting this on Instagram, you hipster”.

According to TechCrunch, Four Barrel also refuses to offer Wi-Fi to its customers because they rather have people interacting with each other instead of having their eyes glued to their MacBook Pros.

Hipsters—what do you have to say?

[via TechCrunch]