27 August 2012

Moleskine Teams Up With Evernote To Create ‘Smart Notebook’

Moleskine has teamed up with mobile phone app Evernote to create a ‘smart notebook’.

Called the ‘Evernote Smart Notebook’, the limited edition notebook has features that let you digitize your scribbled pages—and was designed specifically for the new Evernote iOS app.

One of the features include special dotted patterns on the pages. With the patterns, the updated iPhone and iPad app’s ‘Page Camera’ functionality lets users take photos of the physical pages and archive them.

The dotted-pattern helps the app correct the skew of the photo. Plus, Page Camera automatically improves the contrast of the pages and removes shadows.

This gives users images that are perfect for Evernote’s handwriting recognition.

The notebooks also come with a set of multi-color ‘Smart Stickers’.

When users apply a sticker to a page and take a photo, Evernote would automatically recognize the sticker and tag the photos, or place it in a notebook, previously specified to associate the stickers with in their settings.

Evernote Smart Notebooks are available in two sizes, pocket (US$24.95) and large (US$29.95), and come in two page styles, ruled and squared.

[via Evernote]