23 August 2012

Video Of the Curiosity Rover’s Descent Onto Mars

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YouTube user Daniel Luke Fitch has compiled images taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover during its descent onto Mars and turned them into an amazing HD video.

According to the video description, the Rover’s Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) camera had the task of capturing 1600 x 1200 photographs during Rover’s descent.

Taking these images from NASA, Fitch created the video, showing the Rover’s descent onto the surface of Mars.

The original photos have been enhanced with heavy noise reduction, color balance and sharpening for best visibility.

The video runs at 15 frames per second (fps), so what you see is three times faster than what the Rover captured in real-time.

The actual images of the Rover’s descent can be found here.

Click to watch the video below:

[via Daniel Luke Fitch’s YouTube Channel]