23 August 2012

A Paper Bag That Transforms Into A Clothes Hanger, Origami Style

To help save the earth, designers Hyojun Jeon, Younha Hwang and Minjae Kwan have created a paper bag that transforms into a clothes hanger.

Requiring the most rudimentary of paper-folding skills, the convertible bag, called ‘H+Bag’, can be easily folded into a hanger by following the graphic instructions on the bag itself.

“In order to face against [the] environmental problem, instead of plastic bags, paper bags have been activated by [clothing retailers],” the trio wrote. “However, it was also proven ineffective since customers throw them away after using them once. This causes another problem with wasting natural resources.”

“Don’t stack shopping bags in a corner anymore. You can transform shopping bags into hangers. It is a little start making the earth beautiful.”

[via Yanko Design]