29 August 2012

Andy Warhol-Inspired Makeup Collection To Launch In October

After more than 20 years since his death, Andy Warhol—whose fame has lasted longer than his predicted “15 minutes”—is the recent inspiration of makeup brand Nars.

In collaboration with the Warhol Foundation, Nars is creating a holiday makeup collection as an ode to the famous pop-artist, which would take after his ‘pop-art’ style.

According to Nars founder and creative director, François Nars, Warhol has been a long-time inspiration to the brand.

“I first discovered Andy’s work from Andy Warhol books my parents had when I was maybe 12 or 13 years old,” Nars told WWD. “I remember being so drawn to the colors—so bright and graphic… His artistic point of view has always been so informative in my career as a makeup artist and as a photographer.”

“I have always surrounded myself with Andy’s work and even paid tribute to him in my past collections—Edie Eyeshadow, Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer, etcetera. This just seemed like the right time to do [a bigger effort],” Nars added.

The line will launch at various retail outlets in October and November—coinciding with the new Warhol exhibit that will open at the Met in NYC, which explores the pop artist’s influence on other artists.

The Sephora collection is inspired by the pop-art movement, with palettes named after Debbie Harry—the vocalist of Blondie who inspired Warhol’s 1980 paintings.

The department store collection is inspired by Warhol’s Silver Factory—downtown, black and white, with edgy energy of screen tests, and color of silk screens—named after muses Edie Sedgewick and Candy Darling.

[via WWD]