28 August 2012

Zombie Food To Go, Food Truck Serves Fresh Brain Burgers

If you enjoyed Lily Vanilli’s blood-soaked heart shaped cake and would like to sink your teeth something more ghastly, may we suggest Mark Jankel’s ‘Gory Gourmet’ food truck that serves literal brain food?

The London chef prepares a variety of burgers and wraps using animal brain—a common ingredient in many Asian cuisine, but considered an oddity in the western world.

The menu consist of calf brain burgers, brain salad wrap and crispy brain dippers in barbeque sauce.

According to reports, Jankel’s Gory Gourmet food truck has been a culinary success with dozens of ‘zombie enthusiast’ lining up each day to have a bite of Jankel’s brainy treats.

“We soak it in vinegar and salt, powder and fried until golden crispy,” explains Jankel when asked about his brain dishes, “I’m not sure whether it can help you [become] more intelligent or not but if you want a change for lunch, try this dish.”

The Gory Gourmet food truck was initially launched to celebrate the DVD and BluRay release of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2.

Would you like a bite out of Jankel’s ‘brain food’?

[via Oddity Central, images via The Walking Dead UK]