27 August 2012

DC Comics To Debut The First Ever Arab-American Green Lantern

DC Comics has announced that they will be introducing the first ever Arab-American Green Lantern, who is set to appear in the Green Lantern #0 issue coming out next month.

The new Lantern will be named ‘Baz’ and he will play a big role in the company’s upcoming ‘Third Army’ storyline by writer Geoff Johns.

In a promo art for Baz, he has Arabic tattoos on his arm, wears a full-faced mask and carries a gun.

According to the Detriot Free Press, it reports that Baz will be a landmark character because he will be the first Arab-American to represent a major character in superhero comic books.

This is the second time this year that DC Comics has announced a Green Lantern remake—it previously revealed a gay Green Lantern in their THE NEW 52 comic series.

DC fans—what do you think of the new Green Lantern?

[via DC Comics and Detriot Free Press]