28 August 2012

Personalized Mobile Phone Lets Children And Elderly Call Only Who They Need

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UK-based company OwnFone has created a simple phone that can only be used to receive calls and make calls to important people in your life.

Called the ‘OwnFone’, the rechargeable phone is custom-printed for each individual user, and has no numerical keypad.

Before ordering, users can choose up to 12 important people for their phone list—each of the contacts would get their own dedicated button on the phone’s face.

Users can also choose from various colors, designs and phone talk-plans for their phone.

To call, users just need to push one of the buttons that are pre-set—making it easy for kids and the elderly to use, or festival-goers who are afraid to lose their phones at events.

OwnFone is currently only available in the UK and retails at about US$87 each.

Do you think this is a good idea for kids or the elderly?

[via OwnFone]