24 August 2012

Crayola and Kraft Releases Crayon-Inspired String Cheese

As a back-to-school promotion, Crayola has teamed up with Kraft to release a limited-edition packaging that turns Kraft and Polly-O brand of string cheese into colorful crayon boxers.

The ‘Crayola Crayon String Cheese’ comes decorated in a Crayola’s yellow and green crayon packaging, with each string of cheese wrapped in the image of a Crayola crayon.

There are two separate flavors: String (plain mozzarella cheese) and Twist (mozzarella mixed with cheddar cheese).

According to Packworld, the new product packaging will be available in stores east of Pittsburgh from July to October 2012—and each packet comes with a $3 coupon for Crayola products.

Finally, ‘crayons’ that we wouldn’t mind putting into our kids mouths.

[via Crayola and Packworld]