29 August 2012

Louis Vuitton Invites Viewers To ‘Spot The Difference’ In Their Latest Ads

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To celebrate the opening of their Yayoi Kusama concept store in London, Louis Vuitton has released an interactive ad campaign that invites UK viewers to play a game of ‘spot the difference’.

Featuring fashion blogger Bip Ling, the campaign involves two TV advertisements that looks identical—when actually, there are five ‘differences’ between them.

In both videos, Ling can be seen dressing up in the latest LV-Kusama polka dot collection.

UK viewers who are able to spot all five differences will stand a chance to win a copy of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, illustrated Kusama.

The contest is open until 7 September 2012 and viewers can take part by sending their submissions to @LouisVuitton_UK with the hashtag #LVKusama.

Are you able to spot the differences?

Click to watch the videos below: