27 December 2012

The Most Annoying Words Of 2012: ‘Whatever’, ‘Like’, ‘Twitterverse’

According to the annual Marist Poll, the most annoying words or phrases in 2012 are “whatever”, “like”, “you know”, “just sayin”, “Twitterverse”, and “gotcha”.

Americans, for the fourth consecutive year, considered the word “whatever” to be the most annoying word in 2012.

The next word that Americans didn’t really like was “like”—which was followed by “you know” and “just sayin”.

The runners-up included the words “Twitterverse” and “gotcha”.

To find the most annoying words of 2012, Marist questioned 1,246 adults in a US nationwide telephone survey.

Do you agree with the results? Are these the most annoying words of 2012?

[via Marist Poll, image via Shutterstock]