26 December 2012

Top 10 Most Overdone Trends In 2012

For the fourth part of our ‘Year in Review’ series, we look at 10 trends that have been appearing more frequently than others. From LEGO to Star Wars, Disney Princesses and Vending Machines, these are some things that creators, innovators, and designers can’t get enough of. We wonder if these overdone trends will remain popular and hip in the coming year.



The iconic toy bricks have been a source of inspiration to many this year. We have seen LEGO blocks turned into designer handbags, motorized wheelchairs, street art graffiti, and even hair wigs for a fashion shoot. These colorful bricks are definitely here to stay and we have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of it next year.

2. Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses have once again made our list of the Top 10 Overdone Trends. This year, we have seen Disney Princesses reimagined as sexy lingerie models, ass-kicking warriors and Goth-loving princesses. What type of look would you like to see the Disney Princesses in next?

3. Tables

A ‘post-it note’ desk, an ‘UP coffee table’ and a floppy disk table—these are some of the coolest table designs we have seen in 2012. Who would have guessed that the simple table would inspire so many?

4. Cats

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The internet (or everyone) loves cats! It comes with no surprise that felines made it into our list. We saw a book of poems written by cats, cats as superheroes and the world’s first headphones for cats. Must we say (or meow) more?

5. Star Wars

The force has always been strong in designers and creators the past 12 months. We saw Star Wars characters as religious icons, a Star Wars coffee machine, Star Wars yoga classes, and iconic images created with Star Wars. Now that Disney owns Star Wars, we have a feeling we’ll see more Star Wars next year—maybe with a mash-up of Disney.

6. Superheroes

Once again on our Top 10 Overdone Trends is ‘superheroes’. They give us the strength to be courageous; to stand for what is good; and most importantly inspire illustrators and designers to create amazing works. Superheroes have become medieval knights, typography, and babies. Will they still remain ‘super’ next year as well?

7. Typography

It is a known fact that creatives love typography. We’ve seen fonts made of bubble wrap, an eye chart for typography lovers, what fonts would look like if they wore mustaches, typography lounge chairs, and typography-inspired movie posters. We get it! You guys love typography!

8. Gore

One of the creepiest trends this year was ‘Gore’. From a ‘blood-soaked’ heart-shaped cake to a human butcher shop; gruesome anatomical cupcakes and realistic toe and ear cookies, it seems like the sight of blood and gore excites people to come up with such ghoulish creations. Have creatives satisfied their ‘blood lust’? Or will we be seeing more gore next year?

9. Infographics

In 2012, we have seen our fair share of infographics. From pickup lines for designers to the phobia of creatives; strategies for sleeping at work and ways to destroy your productivity, it looks like designers can create an infographic for just about anything. Which was your favorite infographic this year?

10. Vending Machines

The last overdone trend on our list is ‘Vending Machines’. Just to name a few: in Argentina, there’s a vending machine that dispenses free beer when tackled; in Toronto, there’s a vending machine that sells random second-hand books; in Singapore, a vending machine that exchanges a can of Coke for a hug; and in Spain, a a vending machine that dispenses fresh seafood. We wonder what other cool stuff they can sell through vending machines.